LAUNCH OFFER: Order 2 or more products & get a FREE Surprise Gift worth $25

Custom 925 Sterling Silver Necklace for Dog/Cat Owners (50% Discount)

LAUNCH OFFER: Order 2 or more products & get a FREE Surprise Gift worth $25

All our necklaces will be hand created from 925 sterling silver. The pictures shown here are samples of submitted photo's/design made. Our custom designs take hours to produce, from the design layout, hand cutting, soldering to the finishing stages, they are truly a "labor of love"


With Every Purchase Of The Personalize Dog Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver, You’ll Get:

 Necklace Made From 925 High-Quality Sterling Silver

• Personalized Pendant Shaped Exactly Like The Pet In A Picture That You Can Choose Freely, Pendant Size: 0.79 In X 0.79 In

• Detailed Engraving Of The Words Of Your Choice On The Back Of The Pendant

Don’t Miss The Chance To Purchase This At 50% Off.

The Custom Order Process:

This Personalize Dog Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver Is A Handmade Product.

We Carefully Carve The Outline Of Your Cute Pet Into The 925 Sterling Silver, So It’ll Take Time For Your Order To Be Completed.

We Get Swamped With Orders Quickly, So Make Sure To Order Quickly With Us While We’ve Still Got Slots Open.

With This Personalizable Necklace, You’ll Always Have Something To Remember Your Best Friend.

Rather Than Random Accessories, Why Not Wear A Necklace That Actually Holds A Sentimental Value For You?

‘Pets do a better job of being human to their owners than mankind does a job of being human.’

 Most people do not realise that the most dangerous thing they can do in their life is call your pet an ‘animal’ - it makes you want to hiss, claw and bite them. It takes special people to understand the unique bond one has with their pet. They are no longer animals… but they are now referred to as ‘friends’ or ‘part of the family’ and we would not have it any other way.

 Nothing in this world makes you feel the way when you cat jumps onto your lap, curls in your arms and starts purrrrrrrring without you asking him/ her to (and they tend to do it when we need it most but least expect it)… nothing is as dependable on you knowing that even if your spouse, kids or parents wont welcome you through the door as you open it, your trusty old dog is impatiently wagging his/ her tail – waiting too jump up and let you know how much it missed you (even if you just stepped out to get the paper)… nothing is as hard working as your hamster who keeps running when you look at him/ her so that you know they want to win the Olympic gold for you (Usain Bolt, who?). The examples of love and companionship these beings have with their human owners is more than what most people have with other humans. It is a bond of unconditional love that asks for nothing in return. We understand the joy of watching them grow… feeding, bathing, talking and grooming them and we specially understand the pain in losing them. 

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